Aucuba japonica growth rate

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Aucuba japonica growth rate

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Aucuba japonica (Japanese Aucuba) part sun/shade, height: 10.0 feet, width: 7 ft feet, water: average, zones 6-10, well drained soils, Evergreen, Flower: purplish flowers, Fall Color: green, growth rate: average

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Photosynthesis process and chlorophyll contents were determined for eight common ornamental foliage plants, e.g. Photinia×frasery, Aucuba japonica var. variegata, Buxus megistophylla, Osmanthus fragrans, Pittosporum tobira, Ligustrum.

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70998 Aucuba japonica ‘Serratifolia’ — Syn. A. japonica ‘Dentata’. Beautiful green leaves edged with large teeth. Goes very well with bold perennials. SOLD OUT. Its growth rate is much faster than the white variegated form.


A rounded shrub with glossy, dark green leaves and mop head flowers of dark crimson to purple-blue from mid to late summer. Height: 1.5m Spread: 2m Growth Rate/Habit: Slow/Rounded Aspect: Full sun. Kerria japonica Pleniflora

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Aucuba japonica (dog laurel) spaced at 60cm (2ft) creates an evergreen hedge 6 to 8ft tall at a moderate growth rate, 6-9ins per year A hedge that copes with shade and displays decorative red fruit.

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Zone 8 Japanese aucuba (Aucuba japonica) The map authors used a formula that takes into consideration several meteorological factors affecting the cold hardiness of a plant.

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• For best results, apply at the recommended rate to grasses at the recommended growth stages as. Aucuba japonica variegata Aurea. Buxus microphylia var. japonica

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Take 30cm (1ft) long hardwood cuttings of Aucuba japonica, Buddleia davidii, deutzia, escallonia, spring-flowering honeysuckle, philadelphus, spiraea, tamarisk and weigela. Root in sandy soil in a cold frame or in the open.

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Some evergreens actually prefer some shade, particularly in the afternoon, and these include Aucuba japonica, Fatsia japonica, as well as Camellias, Kalmias, and Evergreen Azaleas. Also, Privets (Ligustrum) and Yew (Taxus) are sun.

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Evergreens make wonderful living privacy screens and wind or noise breaks. Here are 10 of the best evergreens for creating a hedge, based on growth rate and required maintenance.. Prune in late spring, as new growth darkens.